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The Shambhala European Donors Group


  • The mission of the group is the practice of generosity for the further development of the European Shambhala sangha by contributing expertise and giving donations in the form of grants towards sangha related projects.


  • The EDG meets in general twice a year. Once mostly at our land centre in Dechen Chöling and once in another convenient place, preferably a Shambhala Centre.
  • During the meetings we discuss proposals for funding, typically appoint a liaison from our group for any given project and keep track of funded projects.

Application for grants

  • In general the EDG only gives ‘seed money' - i.e. money towards definite (and finite) projects.
  • This means the EDG does not provide structural support for goals that will need it continuously.
  • Grants are preferably given to projects where at least part of the project cost will be covered by other sources to achieve joint support.
  • A priority will be given to proposals which, besides being worth the funding, use donated funds to encourage others (non-EDG members) to also donate, like e.g. matching grants.
  • Requests for grants will be considered if they are submitted on the proper application form which is developed for this purpose. The deadline for sending in application forms is 6 weeks before each meeting to the chairperson.
  • The projects are monitored before and after awarding grants to make them as effective as possible.

Conditions of accountability

  • Parties who have received grants are supposed to give updates on the progress of the project and to demonstrate how the money is being used for the purposes outlined in the application.
  • For advice and monitoring in the above sense a contact person from the EDG is assigned to every project/party receiving a grant.

Membership and positions

  • The group has formed more or less spontaneously. Members should feel a strong connection to the Shambhala mandala and typically join on invitation from the group. The invitation can be issued actively by the group itself, or as a reaction if someone indicates a wish to join.
  • It is also possible to join as an associate member. This means, typically not participating in meetings, but getting informed on EDG activities, contributing knowledge and financially supporting projects suggested to the EDG.
  • The EDG has a chairman, an account manager and a secretary. The chairman not only chairs the meetings, but also acts as the general contact person and coordinator for the EDG between meetings. The account manager provides an update of the accounts at every meeting. The secretary is a jointly appointed person of trust who joins our meetings, prepares minutes and supports the chairman in EDG administrative tasks.


  • Coming to the meetings is one important condition.
  • Members are expected to contribute their expertise and knowledge in evaluating project proposals and pledge a sum of money at meetings. There is no minimum level for pledges.
  • Members also support EDG work by being a liaison for the one or other funded project.
  • Travelling and other expenses for meetings are to be covered by the members themselves.

Communication and PR

  • The existence of the group has been publicly announced in European sangha media.
  • During meetings at local Shambhala Centres the group will try to meet with the sangha and/or possibly interested sangha members.
  • Communication with projects that have been awarded grants is through one assigned contact person.
Members of the European Donor Group established a European Shambhala Trust Fund in 2012 in order to receive donations and funds as a fully recognized charitable foundation (Treuhandstiftung) under German law
The mission of the European Shambhala Trust Fund is to seek funds from donations, bequests and legacies in wills, lotteries, etc. It pursues solely non-profit and charitable purposes.

For further information please contact Veronika Bauer at

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