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Meditation Instructor Gathering with Acharya Barbara Maertens

30.05.2013 From 19h00 Until 21h00
31.05.2013 From 09h00 Until 06h00
01.06.2013 From 09h00 Until 09h00
02.06.2013 From 09h00 Until 13h00

Centre: Cologne
- Barbara Märtens

Coordinator: Marita van Heukelom
Regular Price: € 120

NEW: offer early bird discount until March 25th! If you register within the next two weeks you can attend for 108€!  (of course it is still possible to pay the full tuition and thereby help others to attend for much less)

During this gathering the Sakyong’s instructions for the new Shambhala Meditation will be presented. Acharya Barbara Maertens has been fully empowered by the Sakyong to work with Shambhala Meditation in Europe. She will be supported by a group of European shastris, together we will dive into the environment and atmosphere of this practice and have the opportunity to contemplate portions of theShambhala Meditation text. We will also deepen our training in meditation instruction and explore the skills of feeling, being, and touching as a structure for our meetings with our meditation students..

Please note: This will be the only Meditation Instructor Gathering in Europe in 2013.

Download the PDF letter from Acharya Dale Asrael, for further information on this gathering.

In preparation for the MI Gathering, participants are asked to watch two online presentations by Acharya Dale Asrael, "Shambhala Meditation Training Part 1 and 2” (from December 2012 and January 2013).  If you haven’t done so, it would be great to watch these with other MIs of your groups & centres, but you can also register individually and obtain recordings of the talks from the Shambhala Online recording library Click here.

Detailed Schedule:

Thursday May 30th: start 7:00 PM

Friday May 31st : 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Saturday June 1st : 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Sunday June 2nd : 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Lunch and tea will be provided Friday and Saturday

there are not unlimited options to stay at the centre, it is possible if  you register early enough.


The MIs will be working from copies of excerpts of the texts that Acharya Maertens will bring, so there are no texts to order at this point. 


Many people have asked about including the Shambhala Guides in these sessions.  At this point, we are inviting only MIs, due to the nature and depth of what is being taught.

Please do not let financial hesitations lead you too much in your consideration whether you want to come. Since the date and conditions only just came together, we are still working on possible reductions within a tight budget. Please indicate upon registration whether you intend to ask for a discount; we will contact you soon.

Sabine Rolf

Shambhala Europe Office of Practice and Education

Cologne February 2013


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