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Shastri Teacher Training

Training for advanced teachers (Shastris) of the Shambhala-Buddhist Tradition.
19.08.2013 From 06h00 Until 06h00
23.08.2013 From 06h00 Until 06h00

Centre: Saint-Yrieix-sous-Aixe
- Barbara Märtens
- Judith Simmer-Brown

Programme Price A: € 260
basic food and accomodation per night to be added to the program price: € 35

Shastri Training, Summer 2013

This special training program is designed for both the 2010 Shastris who will be renewing their oaths for three more years of service as well as for the newly appointed Shastris from 2012.  As an expression of the Shambhala Practice and Education “Year of Deepening,” this training will emphasize our actual realization of the profound Shambhala teachings of the Sakyong, cultivated through our study and practice.  We will hone our skills in communicating the Shambhala dharma in a variety of pedagogies, and refresh our understanding of the Way of Shambhala curriculum and Shambhala Meditation methods.  Participants are asked to prepare for an entrance exam for this program; the study guide will be available by Shambhala Day.  Continuing Shastris are required to participate in this training either at Karme Chöling, Shambhala Mountain Center, or Dechen Chöling during summer 2013.

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